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                        Gary Brock Manager

            Sauk Prairie Gunsmith
     Phone:  (608) 370-8013   
     Email :  gary@saukprairiegunsmith.com

    Hours:  8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Mon.-Fri.
    Call to arrange an appointment.    

        Sauk Prairie Gunsmith is Gary Brock. Gary comes to Wilderness Fish and Game with years of experience repairing classic hunting guns and servicing warranties on selected brands.
                                                                                 Services Offered

Rifle Work
Make Chamber
Install New Bolt Handle
Drill & Tape Scope
Jewel Bolt
Jewel Follower
Mount & Shoot (25 Yards)
Boresight & Shoot (25 Yards)
Glass Bed
Pillar Bed       


  Authorized Service Center For                  

Shotgun Work                      
Cut & Crown
Drill & tap bead (one)
Drill & tap bead (two)
Open Choke
Forcing Cones
Lengthen chamber to 3 inches
Open Remington 870 to 3 inches
Make Remington 1100 3 inches to 2.75 inches
Make Renington 1100 2.75" to 3 inches.
Install Wire Shell Catcher
Make Reminton 870/1100 left hand Safety
Install True Choke

Trigger Work
Remington 700
Winchester 70 Brn Abolt
Ruger Weatherby
Weatherby AccuBrakes


Stock Work
Recoil Pads
Morgan Pads
Graco or Jones adjustable

Pumps & Auto
Double Barrels
Semi-Auto Rifles
Bolt Action Rifles
Pumps & Levers .22 Auto & Pumps
Center Fire Pistols .22 Caliber Handguns

Handgun Work
1911 Work

Trigger Work
Lower Ejection Port
Bevel Mag Well
Beavertail Grip Safety
Ext. Safety
Ext. Mag Release
Ext.  Slide Stop
Install Sights
Lo Pro Sights
D & T Weigand Type Mounts

Revolver Work
Trigger Work
D & T Scope Mounts
Insert Front Site



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